When being in a relationship with another person – or two – or more – or just when being in a relationship with yourself – good commuication is a great tool. But what to communicate when you have no clue what is going on inside you?

Mindfulness can train you to slowly slowly get a grasp on what is your inner voice telling you. It enables you to see your own thinking-patterns and in the next step helps you to be more calm about communicating who you are and what you feel.

I will present you some techniques you might want to exercise and see where they lead you.

Today it‘s number one:

Lenitas Technique No.1

1. always have pen and paper with you

2. as soon as you feel a strong reaction in your body after human interaction write it down

3. answer the following questions: Where was I? What exactly happened? What was my first thought?

4. for the advanced: Think about if this situation resembles with anything from your past.

5. after some weeks of doing this read your notes again. Are there any similarities in the situations and your strong reactions and thoughts?

Mindfulness needs some dedication and you need to take yourself serious when practicing it. But after some time you will find the joy in it and you will feel pen and paper being good friends to you.

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