I am writing to you about mindfulness since I practice it myself. I have realised how it makes me more aware of the thoughts inside myself . This makes it easier for me to handle complex situations such as a polyamorous get together with various expectations of everyone involved.

So let‘s suppose you are facing an upcoming polyamorous meeting that you are a little insecure about.

Here is what can help you.

Lenitas Technique No.2

1. Write down the answer to the following questions, so it is easier to visualize your thoughts

2. What exactly will be the situation you will be in?

3. What in this situation will you be able to control?

4. What in this situation will you not be able to control?

5. What can you do to strengthen yourself and support yourself in the things you can control?

6. What can you do to be strong to endure what you can not control?

Being aware is the most important in this technique. The rest follows.

Good luck!


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