So today comes Lenitas Technique No.3 in how to use mindfulness when being hurt by whoever or whatever…

Because lets be honest. We get hurt once in a while or more often. And sometimes we react when being hurt in a way we wish we wouldn‘t and regret our reaction just in the second we react.

Here is what you can do.

1. Breath. As soon as you feel the impuls to react – just breath consciously.

2. If people around you wander what is going on explain to them that you are thinking.

3. Have a quick thought about the situation you are in. Are you putting yourself in the position of being the victim, or being guilty or do you want to play the hero in saving the situation?

4. Be none of it.

5. Simply describe in calm words how the situation makes you feel and what you think in that specific moment and then also describe what you think about your own thoughts.

It is easier for ourselves and for the people around us when we start describing what is going on in us instead of just quickly responding to each other like playing table tennis.

The mindfulness happens in the moment were you realise that you are about to react quick and dirty. Then just breath …

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