When conflict in a relationship arises some have the tendency to run and hide. Or when trying to talk it through they want to be the one with the right arguments. Also many get angry when they realise that the conflict hurts them deep inside. We want to avoid pain. But here is the thing: You need to have conflicts in order to grow.

How to get through conflict:

  1. Whenever you brain shouts: FIRE! Then breath and listen. Usually the brain shouts fire when the other person is just to say the most important but also the most hurtful truth or lie in the conflict – you dont want to miss that.
  2. Try to smile inside yourself.
  3. Check in with yourself: Which emotions are yours and which ones are the ones from your partner? Only talk about your own emotions. And then also this helps:
  4. Dont give up.
  5. Never give up.
  6. Go sleep when it is to late.
  7. Never hide and always show your thoughts and feelings.
  8. Always say sorry after blaming and shaming.
  9. Address a conflict until it is solved – even if it takes years

Good luck and good insights to you.


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