Dear friends and open lovers,

we are really happy you joined us here!

Stefan and I are in a polyamorous relationship since 2015. Just from the beginning we enjoyed being able to connect with others, be free in emotions and sexuality. I  personally feel very happy to be able to let my heart be free in loving. I do continuously deal with fears but my joy in love is so big I can’t describe in words.

Sharing the joy is one of the main reasons why I write to you and why we created this platform. We like being around people who explore the world of love, free sexuality and feelings. And we guess you do too 🙂

On openlovers we created space for you to meet each other, exchange your views and ideas in forums and to share content in groups. We wish for openlovers to become a global network of open lovers.

For the moment we are still a small group of people. I feel its a great opportunity to slowly explore how an online-community can also be a community of trust, progress and emotional awareness while the community grows. Please invite others interested in open love to explore this process with us.

Right now I am curious in your needs you might have for this platform. What is important for you being here with us?

Please feel free to share with all of us, so we can discuss.

Also I will try to be in good contact with you so we can develope open lovers as a beautiful place in the online-world where we all feel home.

Wishing you a great 2018.

Please feel free to ask all your questions and share all that there is to share.

Hugs and a smile


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  1. Matze

    Greetings! Thanks for your warm welcome! Ich habe schon seit langem Lust auf Polyamorie, schon allein weil ich mir auch eine Beziehung mit einem Mann wünsche. Aber es geht mir um eine noch größere Freiheit und um mein Großes Herz in dem sehr viele Menschen Platz haben. Ich glaube schon, dass ich mich hier auf dieser Plattform zu Hause fühlen werde. Nur kann ich nicht garantieren, dass ich immer auf Englisch schreiben werde. Deutsch ist mir einfach näher am Herzen. Dankeschön für diesen Ort hier.